Accept Payment Through Stripe

NeetoInvoice works with Stripe, a reliable payment gateway, for easy online payments. Clients can view and pay invoices using their cards right in the NeetoInvoice platform. This integration ensures secure transactions with Stripe's strong security measures. NeetoInvoice automatically updates payment statuses and notifies clients when payments are made. It also updates invoice statuses, reducing manual tracking.

Accept Payment Through Stripe

How can I accept payments using NeetoInvoice through Stripe?

To accept payments in NeetoInvoice, you need to connect your Stripe account to NeetoInvoice. Once connected, clients can make payments directly through the NeetoInvoice platform using Stripe's payment gateway.

Is it safe to accept payments through Stripe in NeetoInvoice?

Yes, accepting payments through Stripe in NeetoInvoice is secure. Stripe implements advanced encryption and follows industry-leading security practices to ensure the protection of sensitive payment information.

Can I track the payment status of invoices that are paid through Stripe in NeetoInvoice?

Absolutely! NeetoInvoice allows you to track the payment status of invoices paid through Stripe. You can easily monitor whether an invoice has been paid or remains unpaid as NeetoInvoice automatically marks invoice as paid if payment is done through Stripe.

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