Import Timesheet

NeetoInvoice simplifies adding timesheet data by allowing easy import of CSV files. Instead of manual entry, you can quickly upload the relevant information. This is ideal for large volumes or external sources. Importing saves time and ensures accuracy. Clear instructions guide the process, ensuring the required format and fields. Once imported, the data is instantly accessible in NeetoInvoice, facilitating efficient management and analysis of recorded hours for projects and clients.

Import Timesheet

How do I import timesheets into NeetoInvoice?

To import timesheet, go to the Settings and click on Import timesheet in NeetoInvoice and follow the instructions to upload your CSV file.

What information should be included in the import file?

The import file should contain relevant details such as date, client, project, task, notes, hours, email and any other required fields specified by NeetoInvoice.

Can I import timesheets for multiple users or projects at once?

Yes, you can import timesheets for multiple users or projects by including the corresponding information in the import file.

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